World HIGH x500

Opening in JULY 5th !


Earn Free Coins - Vote every 12 hours !


Earn FREE Coins - Exchange Online hours !


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» LOW x100 Opening - 5 JUNE !


» UPDATES v8.0


» UPDATES v7.0


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[+] Fixed Paymentwall issues
[+] Updated Our Game Guides website
[+] Added reported missing items in drop list in Raklion
[+] Added New Plugin OffLevel (more info: [HOT]
[+] Added New Command /dcfriend (more info:
[+] Added New Feature OffTrade (more info:
[+] Removed PK Level Increase in Lorencia PvP Ring + Lorencia (PK Free now)
[+] Changed Medal, Firecracker, Lucky Coin drop rate %
[+] Changed Hide Info features price
[+] Changed Complex Potion overlap to 255
[+] Changed Online Time reward to Coins
[+] Changed Kalima monster EXP reward
[+] Changed Hide Stats Price from 20 Gold Coins to 100 Coins
[+] Increased Gold Coins reward for Resets
[+] Increased Coins reward in "Vote Reward"
[+] Increased ELF damage buff to RF
[+] Increased ELF defense buff to RF
[+] Increased Jewel of Soul Success rate on items with no Luck = 70%
[+] Increased Jewel Of Soul Success rate on items with Luck = 90%
[+] (EASY) Added 1 day FREE VIP for newbies (bonus for newcommers)
[+] (EASY) Added Ancient drop rate % in LOT
[+] (EASY) Added command /reset in-game


P.S. - (EASY) Ingame command /reset will not give you Coins, Gold Coins, GR Points and price = 3kk each reset. Website reset = Coins + Gold Coins + Reset Points + GR Points + 100k * Reset Count (Slower resets, BUT more bonuses). Ingame reset = Reset Points + 3kk Each Reset (Fast Resets, BUT no bonuses) !

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Christmas PROMOTION !


Holiday season is started and that's why we offer Donation PROMOTIONS !
PROMOTIONS are active from 21.December till 3.January !
Now you can get +30% Coins more than before (+30% Coins already added & shown)...



Little update info: 
* CASTLE SIEGE fight is every week on Sunday's at 16:00 by Server Time !
* UPDATE list will be published soon...

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[+] Added 1 day FREE VIP for newbies (bonus for newcommers)
[+] Added 2 New Spots in LOT
[+] Added reported missing item drops from specific monsters
[+] Fixed Connect Server issue
[+] Fixed Selupan respawn issue
[+] Fixed Box of Kundun +3, +4, +5 item drop issues
[+] Fixed reported VIP in-game issues
[+] Disabled using Harmony Options with Ancient Items
[+] Increased Jewel of Soul success rate by +10%
[+] Increased Jewel of Life success rate by +10%
[+] Increased Dimensional Sign (Dimensional Mirror Event ticket part) drop rate %
[+] Decreased Jewel of Guardian drop rate %
[+] Decreased Suspicious Scrap of Paper (Imperial Guardian [Varka] Event ticket part) drop rate %
[+] Changed Imperial Guardian [Varka] Event item drop from Statue (higher lvl = better rewards)
[+] Changed Mirror of Dimension Event chest rewards (higher lvl = better rewards)
[+] Updated correct Event timer at the website
[+] Updated in-game Buffer Bots
[+] (LOW) Decreased Ancient Item drop rate % in LOT
[+] (LOW) Removed Scrolls from Devias NPC (Wizard Izabel) for SM
[+] (HIGH) Updated News System
[+] (HIGH) Decreased Crest of Monarch and Loch Feather drop rate %
[+] (HIGH) Increased Condor Flame drop rate % in Balgass Barrack map
[+] (HIGH) Increased ML exp + 20 exp (from x10 to x30)
[+] (HIGH) Increased drop rate % for all 3 fenrir parts (Splinter of Armor, Bless of Guardian, Claw of Beast)
[+] (HIGH) Changed first reset level requirement - first reset from 350 level (bonus for newcommers)
[+] (HIGH) Changed first reset zen requirement - first reset is for free (bonus for newcommers)
[+] (HIGH) Changed in-game regular NPC shop item list
[+] (HIGH) Added Scrolls in Devias NPC (Wizard Izabel) for SM
[+] Updated some information in our Game Guide site


P.S. - Information about EASY x9999 Server will be posted soon !

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