HIGH x500 Open:

World HIGH x500

Opening in SEPTEMBER 27 !


Earn Free Coins - Vote every 12 hours !


Earn FREE Coins - Exchange Online hours !

Great start and Small Information update !

Hello dear PowerMU World players !


We have successfully launched our first world, which is LOW x100 ! Server and everything else is working fine as expected. At the moment we are still growing and reaching new players every day. Right now still working on many things on server and website, to provide as much as interesting gameplay we can.


We are still working and developing our Game Guides website or PowerMU Help Site help.powermu.net - here can find all information about our server, including things like Coins, Gold Coins, W Coins, Cashshop, PvP and PvM damage and much more, please visit site for more info !


Please dear players, read guides, how to collect Gold Coins and W Coins, also, little reminder, from Donations you can get only Coins, Gold Coins/W Coins can be ONLY collected by players themselves, this information also is available here: help.powermu.net !


About VIP System and Webshop. Both at the moment are still is disabled, but VIP System is going to be enabled on 10th October and 2 days later on 12th October there will be Webshop available as well, which will be very limited (no ancient items, no socket items, no 380lvl items, no pets or 3rd wings...), more information about Webshop's limitation you can read in server opening news !

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