World HIGH x500

Opening in AUGUST 23 !


Earn Free Coins - Vote every 12 hours !


Earn FREE Coins - Exchange Online hours !




[+] Changed first reset level requirement - first reset from 350 level (bonus for newcommers)
[+] Changed first reset zen requirement - first reset price to 1kk (bonus for newcommers)
[+] Changed Arena/Stadium to Non-PvP zone map for sake afk (for newcommers)
[+] Changed Arena/Stadium monster count from 6 to 5 monsters (because of Non-PvP zone)
[+] Changed Shadow Phantom Max Level Support to 350 level (ELF Bot Buffer)
[+] Changed server settings to minimise lags
[+] Changed Jewel selling price to NPC
[+] Fixed visual text issues of Jewel selling price to NPC
[+] Fixed Crywolf Event Boss spawn issue
[+] Added 2 New Spots in Balgass Barrack map
[+] Increased ELF PvM damage by 10%
[+] Increased PvP damage by 30% to All Classes (except RF vs RF)
[+] Increased Jewel of Guardian drop rate %
[+] Increased Ancient Item drop rate by 5% in Chaos Castle 1-7
[+] Decreased Sign of lord drop rate %
[+] Decreased drop rate % for all 3 fenrir parts (Splinter of Armor, Bless of Guardian, Claw of Beast)
[+] Updated some information in our Game Guide site


* TOP 10 Voters of October has been reward with Coins prize !
** NEW Month started, NEW Winners, start Vote NOW !


P.S. - Information about HIGH x1000 Server will be posted soon !

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