World HIGH x500

Opening in JULY 5th !


Earn Free Coins - Vote every 12 hours !


Earn FREE Coins - Exchange Online hours !




[+] Fixed Connect Server issue
[+] Fixed Vote Reward issue
[+] Fixed information about VIP privilegies (more info:
[+] Added small delay for Chaotic Diseier skill
[+] Added Goblin Point bonus reward after killing Bosses (more info:
[+] Added all Bosses, Goldens in Kill Count system (kill count is visible after monster is killed)
[+] Removed detected unnecessary in-game NPC's
[+] Removed Devias and Elbeland from OffTrade System
[+] Increased MG PvP damage by +10% (more info:
[+] Increased DL vs DL PvP damage by +20% (more info:
[+] Increased Coin Reward prize for Vote Reward
[+] Updated Happy Hour reported exp issue
[+] Updated Rude word filter re-configure
[+] Updated Community Rules at Rules section (more info:
[+] Updated Website content information
[+] Changed first reset level requirement - first reset from 380 level (bonus for newcommers) [HOT]
[+] Changed MuHelper requirements (available now from 10 lvl)
[+] Changed features "Change Name" price to 500 Coins
[+] Changed GR reset requirements due to issue
[+] Changed Great Golden Dragon Box drop count from 1 to 2
[+] Changed Golden Invasion monster count from 1 to 2 (for Golden Titan/Goblin/Lizard King/Tantalos)

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